Pink Taxi

Monday, January 10, 2011
I saw a pink taxi this morning and sparkled my curiosity. There have been some commotion on taxis in the past and I can see this cab having "Hello Kitty" in the vehicle.

Some of the past incidents as shown above.

There's many taxis on the road now. 2010 statistic compiled by LTA show a population of 26,000 taxis in Singapore, out of 945,000 vehicles registered. That gives us an approximately 2.75%

We have around 4 millions in Singapore and only 25% have cars. Such a small island but we do have a sizable car population. According to NationMaster.Com, we we are ranking #49 out of 133 countries involved in study comparison. (Source from United Nations World Statistics Pocketbook and Statistical Yearbook)

Back to the topic:
There were exposure gained from this "out-of-box" promotional tactic. But what is the overall net gain? Branding? ROI? or bad Publicity?


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