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Thursday, January 13, 2011
"you can see yellow pages commence book is so thin now as compare to last time. bec future advertising is all online.. so online skill must be strong.. must have a unique skill to advertise on youtube.. and a place to hang out in web.. the world changed.."

This was the comment made by a friend on my FB. Internet has hastened the process of globalization, making the playing field level nowadays. Gone was those days that you have to listen to TV broadcasts or radio to get fresh news. Just Google on the web and you have all the info. The widespread of Internet has also brought along vast data, which many of them coming from unreliable source. This make a marketer more challenging to bring a piece of news across, using the correct channels and tools. Not forgetting, he may have a budget constraint too.

I glad I come across HTML & Frontpage, which further my interest to do website, content update and blogging. Blogging requires patience. My practice in Journalism and corporate stint in copy-writing have helped me in this area. I like to move on further to corporate and regional, and hopefully globally.


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