Marketing Campaign

Saturday, April 30, 2011 0 comments
Adapted from Silver Bullet Marketing,
They hoped and believed – erroneously – that they could deploy a single message that would bring them instant fame and fortune.
What they failed to do was to rely on two very helpful friends in marketing: repetition and frequency. Instead of thinking in terms of a campaign, they took what they considered to be their best shot.
So what do you do when you need a silver bullet and don’t feel you have the time to sit down and do some serious planning or the resources to implement an expansive campaign?
Don’t knock social media because you think it is beyond your means, time, or abilities.
I agreed to a certain extend. Frequent emails may create a nuisance rather than having a reminder effect. Then again, a "reactive" message can trigger off a chain of activities, over a boring message without any content.

Use of Social media is on the rise. In my previous post, there's a mention that Facebook is becoming popular. I agreed with the writer that social media is a way to crawl to "other users" but what makes them want to sign up with you? Your content e.g. your website is irrelevant or obscure, should there is a viable business transaction when you fail to deliver your first impression?

Chartering a course is pretty important especially in a management in strategic role. Wouldn't that be the case?

Interesting Statistic from Facebook

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 0 comments
"Like us on Facebook", a familar phrase you heard around probably on the Internet. Nowadays, it's becoming very common.

Asiaone.com presented an article called "Facebook Obsession", which shows interesting stats yet true data on how Facebook has garnered attention from users around the globe.

Companies and marketers are no doubt harassing whatever media power it can rein.