Customer Loyalty

Friday, January 7, 2011

Two days ago, my girlfriend and I was discussing on why people prefer the new mall NEX over others.

NEX is designed in such a way that food outlets, fashion retailers and other merchants are randomly scattered around the mall layout. Most typical malls such as Vivocity, their retailers are clutter-located. Ie. to say, you can never find a F&B with fashion, or any others together. Reason being, it is easier to design the venting chute for F&B as they need to exhaust the cooking smoke and smell away.

Though it is good, would customers still prefer to go NEX? Maybe it's the convenience. After all, Serangoon is a huge heartland, not to forget the nearby crowds from Ang Mo Kio as well. Customer loyalty to a particular outlet? Doesn't seem to me to work..

Just as we spoke on this topic, she has already terminated her dog grooming services with the existing one after the membership & session package ends. Talk about loyalty program.. People will just move on when there's something better and value for money..


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