Facebook "Check-In"

Friday, February 18, 2011 0 comments
Facebook has launched the "Check-In" feature, which I believe strongly opposed foursquare.

They allow users to "check-in" to their current location, connect and share with friends on their locations. I heard there is even a feature which gives users and their friends interactive ways to explore the cities and earn game points. The very thought is very entertaining, plus educational factor. I have not used it personally though.

Now FB comes with the "check-in" feature, enables to do all of the above. Maybe not the game portion.. yet..

I do realise that it will be a useful App for "social butterflies" who like to interact and meet up with people which are around the vicinity. It is also great to know the whereabouts of their friends if they have plan to meet up. And that saves the hassle of even communicating your current whereabouts.

With proliferation of online web space and technology, privacy remains a concern. We may just let our gadgets "automatically" log on for us. But will we want that? There are still skeptical people out there. However, my concern falls on individual who comes under the category of "stalker".

Importance of Distribution Point

Thursday, February 17, 2011 0 comments
In Singapore, we have free circulation of "My Paper" on every weekday. Publisher gains their revenue from the advertisers. In turn, advertisers will get exposure to hundred thousands of readers through their circulation base.

It is clearly a marketing fundamental. Everyday, I walk past the MRT station, greeted by the "circulation man" who was trying to distribute the paper to the morning passing crowd. What's amazed me, was that he has placed the newspapers in different locations.

Firstly, not to jam the point of entry to MRT station. To increase efficiency and definitely, increase take-up rate. I may not be the "recipient" but I do read the paper online. Personally I just felt the printed copy redundant, as I do not know where to "throw" it after reading. Reading the content online is much easier for me.

The same applies to marketing. We need ROI, thus distribution points are very important when it comes to giving exposure. Yes, I DID not take the paper but there are also online exposure, where potentially, it can reach up to millions of people, not forgetting crossing the international boundaries where the traditional prints are not able to.

How do you develop an innovation culture in an organisation

Friday, February 11, 2011 0 comments
Some time back, I ponder on this question.

"Innovation culture" - I define as an environment which interesting and creative ideas will be present and flowing continuous.

Then how do we develop an Innovation Culture in an organisation? Having working in both SME and MNC environment, I have this perfect "culture" in mind. Many of us love to log on to Facebook and other social networking website - either to kill boredom at work, to relax your mind, or to simply connect with friends and colleagues.

I have read an article commenting how much time is wasted by employees while browsing social media sites (unfortunately I'm unable to retrieve the file). As an management executive, I would agree totally and definitely would not like to see my staff doing that.

However as the marketer's side and coming from an employee communication channel, I find that rather an intriguing idea to use social media to connect with corporate staff, and not forgetting the corporate leaders and management too. Privacy may be one issue that we are not going this direction. Many of my Facebook friends are still concerned letting their bosses know that they are on Facebook. What about WhatsApp and eBuddy on our iPhone and Blackberry? I'm sure they know whether you have been messaging during office hours by just checking when you are "online".

There are also various articles which show that playing with online social media can improve our memories and decision-making process. Read "Video games lead to faster decisions that are no less accurate" and "The Right Decision".

How can we have an innovating organizational culture when the users are not embracing the new era of new media. I seriously think for HR and employee communications to take on this step. It does not apply to marketing communications. But as a way for us to "gel" in a different dimension.

Worry about the system being abuse? I'm sure employees will exercise self-discipline provided the companies have laid down the terms & conditions. Many companies have security system. Though it may not be a true reflection, it definitely tells us which site you "have been to".

Marketing gurus have also shared the same sentiment in using new media to advocate communications. It is not surpised to see our Minister exercising this move since he started blogging.

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Galaxy Effect

Thursday, February 10, 2011 0 comments
It was a great analog using "Galaxy Effect" in SEM by one writer in Search Engine Journal. Earlier, I mentioned that online information is added everyday. With the vast of possibilities in searches, SEM will become irrelevant.

I would see this more as a "random sampling" method and once you define the keywords to help in your products & service, after conducting "experimental" campaign, I gathered you may find astonishing result which will up your yield.

SEM is definitely getting interesting!