Gaming With Granny

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"This infographic was produced by AssistedLivingToday, the leader in finding top assisted living facilities throughout the U.S and tools such as Assisted Living's Eldercare locator.

Search Engine Optimization

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Before Start on Page and Off Page SEO:-

• Keyword Research and Analysis – 10 to 15 Keywords
• Competitor Research and Analysis – top 5 on major search engines and directories
• Website Analysis
• W3c Validation

On Page Activities:-

• HTML Meta tag, Alt tag, H1-H6 tag and Title tag optimization
• Necessary changes in page content
• Creation of new pages if required
• Change in Page name, Image name and folder name if required
• Change in Site navigation if required
• Individual Meta Information per product for dynamic site
• Inclusion of robots instruction file
• Inclusion of search engine site map
• Google Sitemap generation
• Yahoo Sitemap generation

Off page Activities:-

• Directory Submission
• Article Submission
• Content Writing
• Blog Creation
• Forums posting
• Social Bookmarking
• Blog Directory Submission
• Twitter Marketing
• Classified submission
• Digg Marketing

Guest Blogging Is Nothing New As Compared To PR

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Guest blogging is nothing new. In the world of Public Relations (PR), we are writing articles, press releases and features. The concept of PR is to create awareness, especially to the industry which you are targeting.

Likewise, in blogging, we talk about SEO and having content to beef up the site. Blog owners may also face challenge in writing daily or frequent blog articles to feed their subscribers or readers. Blog owners may also become opinionated and fail to write objectively. Nonetheless, the question is not about having an objective perspective to an issue. It is about your personal contribution and how you feel about the topic.

Back to PR again, our message may tend to slate towards a product offering. As a PR practitioner, you wanted a particular publication to feature your articles. And somehow, you do not want to lose the value proposition when you present the goodness of the product offering, while fending over a close competitor with similar products.

Likewise, in guest blogging, you may have become too affixed with your blog that you may not be able to inject new ideas. That’s when your content becomes repetitive and you may just sacrifice content over traffic.

The idea of guest blogging could probably originated from PR. Having guest bloggers on your site not only improve content, it gives a wider perspective to a topic that your site is trending on. Compared the narrow insights one author may have, few or several authors make it the discussion more lively and interesting. Like PR, host site of guest bloggers serves as an authoritative source. Guest bloggers are “established PR practitioners” in their own field or “trending”. From there, they will create a more dynamic content, linking to their sites or other authoritative sites. As a subscriber or reader, we will be pampered with information on the topic we thread on. This information may be difficult to discover as Internet is full of spam.

Truth enough, information may still contain a certain degree of spam. Sieving them out is another process which host site has to take note as well. Just like a publisher, filtering out commercial-related articles.