Menu in F&B marketing

Sunday, January 23, 2011
I was having dinner at a cafeteria at Far East Plaza last evening. Menus are placed on the dining table, you have to order on your own and "self-service".

As I walked towards the ordering counter, I was pondering what I should eat. And my first instinct was to "look at the menu" but none could be found. Distinctively I looked up to see the signboard but choice was limited. I stared to the side and saw the menu on a dining table. Without hesitation, I grabbed it, placed it on the counter which was in front of me. This simplified my orders.

Likewise, as the crowd came, they looked at the menu at the counter, which facilitated their ordering. The stall keeper removed it shortly but that made the customers who came later, pondering on their orders.

I believe from this reaction, we can see a simple menu at the counter beats several printed menus lying around. You do not have the waiter to serve your order. To enhance customer service, you would have to anticipate what the customer needs first, and not what they want. There is a difference between what you "want" the customer wants, and what the customer really "needs" is what the revenue you be earning.

The "counter menu" concept exists at all successful fast food outlet. Fast and Efficient, such as Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger King etc etc. So you know what you should do next.


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