GE 2011 Aftermath

Monday, May 9, 2011
This was a sensational weekend. With GE 2011 coming to an end, all rallies and political lobbying would not be allowed in public places without first obtaining a permit and without a cause.

In this GE, we see the rise of a new political landscape which could bring forward many new evolutions. Gone were the days that people are living in "fear", nor are they ignorant. Though I foreseen this day, I have still saddened by the facts.

The loss of Aljunied GRC with a political leader, a liberal Foreign Minister. The team were average. The Opposition team has brought in new blood and rise the "voices" of the residents. What really sadden me is: whether people vote just because they want to see the changes, or are they "slated" by the Opposition or they are really aware of the current situation facing by the Nation?

Cost of living is increasing, do we want to remain stagnant for the sake of people who can't catch up with the pace?

I, for one, dare not to answer as I believe in self-achieving. But I'm still concerned after my forties, what will happen if I do not have enough for retirement or no job?

Am I still going with the crowd or apathetic towards National policies? Or are Singaporean remaining in their "comfort zone" as neighboring nations turn over and "eat" us from within, and external forces crushing on us?


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