Emotional Attachment In Election

Friday, May 6, 2011
Coming this 7th May, General Election 2011 is a great day where our Nation, Singapore may undergo political changes.

With the media proliferation, politicians and lobbyists have moved onto the online platform to call upon human self-gratification. This year, I feel the emotional element setting in.

"Who won, who lose; we are all history sinners" - a quote from a local writer. "谁输谁赢,我们都是历史的罪人"

Through media channels, we are able to communicate in a much "faster and efficient" way. Facebook has many "Likes". Through the tools available, key players have tried to engage communities. But perspective wise, it is still to the basics. We are looking at issues which are not easily comparable - "Relativity and Immediate Gratification".


Marketing basics have taught us relative and cognitive. Hopefully, this clip serves its purpose and its useful applications in many scenarios. This clip was done by Jeff Monday. He uses dots to make complex ideas easy to understand and apply to your life.


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