Importance of Distribution Point

Thursday, February 17, 2011
In Singapore, we have free circulation of "My Paper" on every weekday. Publisher gains their revenue from the advertisers. In turn, advertisers will get exposure to hundred thousands of readers through their circulation base.

It is clearly a marketing fundamental. Everyday, I walk past the MRT station, greeted by the "circulation man" who was trying to distribute the paper to the morning passing crowd. What's amazed me, was that he has placed the newspapers in different locations.

Firstly, not to jam the point of entry to MRT station. To increase efficiency and definitely, increase take-up rate. I may not be the "recipient" but I do read the paper online. Personally I just felt the printed copy redundant, as I do not know where to "throw" it after reading. Reading the content online is much easier for me.

The same applies to marketing. We need ROI, thus distribution points are very important when it comes to giving exposure. Yes, I DID not take the paper but there are also online exposure, where potentially, it can reach up to millions of people, not forgetting crossing the international boundaries where the traditional prints are not able to.


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