Facebook "Check-In"

Friday, February 18, 2011
Facebook has launched the "Check-In" feature, which I believe strongly opposed foursquare.

They allow users to "check-in" to their current location, connect and share with friends on their locations. I heard there is even a feature which gives users and their friends interactive ways to explore the cities and earn game points. The very thought is very entertaining, plus educational factor. I have not used it personally though.

Now FB comes with the "check-in" feature, enables to do all of the above. Maybe not the game portion.. yet..

I do realise that it will be a useful App for "social butterflies" who like to interact and meet up with people which are around the vicinity. It is also great to know the whereabouts of their friends if they have plan to meet up. And that saves the hassle of even communicating your current whereabouts.

With proliferation of online web space and technology, privacy remains a concern. We may just let our gadgets "automatically" log on for us. But will we want that? There are still skeptical people out there. However, my concern falls on individual who comes under the category of "stalker".


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