Three Builders

Thursday, August 4, 2011
An inspirational story which was shared yesterday by our Advisor. Nothing fanciful, however I believe most of us have heard this story before.

There was a construction going on. A pass-by asked 3 workers whom were on the site, what they were doing.

Worker #1 - Can't you see I'm laiding the bricks?
Worker #2 - We are constructing a building.
Worker #3 - We are building the House of God, so that everyone can visit this temple and worship him!

Though these three workers were tasked with the same job, each of them interpreted their role differently and mostly, how they view their role and how significantly they can contribute.

Each of us are tasked with different gifts. We are not "equal" in talent, physics or academic but we can contribute in the most significant ways. Be it our society, our community or our peers.

Also let's not forget the purpose of serving and what's the reason for you to serve in the first place? Over time, we may have forgotten our goals and we need to re-look again.


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